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Dwarves Keep

A Resource for Gamers

Where Heroes Gain Insight

Welcome to the Dwarves Keep! This realm is a growing resource for game masters and gamers. Feel free to use our combat tracker or browse our gazette articles. We hope you get lost in the lore of mythical creatures, ancient civilizations, and heroic deeds (or not-so-heroic misdeeds). So roll the dice, let the games begin, and always toss a coin to your game master, as both a thank-you and a bribe.

Looking for additional content? Whether it’s a rule clarification, campaign tool, or general gaming idea, we hope you’ll take the initiative and let us know. Requests will be added to the gazette for all to benefit.

By the way, if you’re interested in RPG video gaming, check out our companion project The Veiled on YouTube. We feature stealth maneuvering (sneaky!) in some of your favorite games, including Assassin’s Creed.

Dice on a Table - A Resource for Gamers

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