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The Grand History of the Dwarves Keep

Gathering of the Fellowship

In 2001 a group of individuals happened upon a gaming store. They didn’t know one another, but they had all played
D&DDungeons & Dragons
for years. A
GMGame Master
was starting a new D&D third edition game and was looking for players. These individuals decided to join in, not realizing that the game would last around five years, would have three GMs, and would be the source of many spin-off characters and
NPCNon-Player Character
s in later games. This required setting aside their mathematician degrees needed to calculate
THAC0To Hit Armor Class 0
AD&DAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons
second edition. This fellowship continued running long-term campaigns together, adding new members for the next 12 years, even after the gaming store closed. They continued running games in their houses until the group disbanded, largely because of competing real-life quests. (Happens to the best of us!)
Destiny Dice


If your great-great-great-great-great-great grandparent was a gaming geek, odds are, you will be one too.

The Twin Palantír

Twin Palantir

As our group expanded, we wanted a place to share ideas and joke with each other between games. We resorted to posting on Facebook, the real-world equivalent of the eyes of the Beholder, lurking and watching everything you do. This worked fine for a while, but we wanted something private. So, the GM of the Realm created a private group on Facebook in 2010. The GM of the Realm named it Dwarves Keep. After all, Dwarves are known for the finest stonework and the strongest structures. If you were curious about where the site got its name, this was to honor the players who played Dwarves in D&D, Lord of the Rings, and Dragon Age campaigns.

The GM Returns

After the group disbanded, they continued to associate with each other via the Mummy Lord, also known as Facebook’s private group platform. The GM of the Realm started gaming again at a local gaming store, joining D&D fifth edition Adventure League games. These games were fun, but they didn’t hold a candle to a long-term campaign’s intricacies. After three or four years, the GM of the Realm finally organized a group of gamers who were interested in a long-term campaign. A few of these gamers were from the previous group, but most were new to the group, though they weren’t new to D&D. So, starting in August 2018, the GM of the Realm returned to a long-awaited, long-term campaign. This campaign ended after more than three years and went down in the halls of infamy. But don’t fret. A new campaign is ensuing at this very moment.

Mummy Lord

Into the West

Death Tyrant

Now that the GM of the Realm has been running long-term campaigns again, they wanted to give back to the gaming community. Thus, the creation of the Dwarves Keep website ensued. A place where gamers can come together without the watchful eye of the Death Tyrant, Facebook, tracking their every move. Somewhere gamers can find resources for their campaigns and discuss topics with a community of likeminded gamers. The GM of the Realm hopes to provide a safe place for gamers to communicate in addition to useful resources for their adventures (or misadventures!). Hope you enjoy the future of the Dwarves Keep, and happy gaming!